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Uber drivers in Europe gain access to Tesla, Polestar and other EVs through Hertz • TechCrunch

Uber drivers in Europe gain access to Tesla, Polestar and other EVs through Hertz • TechCrunch

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Uber has expanded an agreement with Hertz to get thousands of ride-hailing drivers behind the wheel of an electric car — this time in Europe.

The two companies announced that Hertz will make up to 25,000 EVs available to Uber drivers in European capital cities by 2025. The announcement comes about 15 months after Uber and Hertz kicked off a partnership in North America to make up to 50,000 Tesla vehicles available for rent to Uber drivers in the United States.

The European deal will offer drivers a bit more choice, according to Uber, making a range of EVs including Tesla and Polestar available to drivers. The Europe program will begin this month at Hertz’s London base and eventually expand to Paris, Amsterdam and other capital cities in the region.

The Uber-Hertz deal has a two-fold aim. It helps Hertz in its goal to build one of the largest fleets of rental EVs globally and it gets Uber closer to becoming a “zero emissions platform” by 2030.

And so far, at least by Uber’s account, the program has proven popular. The company said that to date, nearly 50,000 drivers in the United States have rented a Tesla through this program, completing more than 24 million fully-electric trips and over 260 million electric miles.

Uber’s goal for all of its trips to be “zero emissions” by the end of the decade will require more than just a deal with Hertz. The company’s Uber Green program, which is in more 1,400 cities in North America, incentivizes drivers to use all-electric and hybrid vehicles. Uber integrated the program into its Uber Pass membership service to give members 10% off on “green” trips, the same discount provided for a standard ride.

Uber has also partnered with automakers charging network providers, and other EV rental and fleet companies to provide further incentives, including Ample, Avis and EVgo.


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