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Uber Eats now shows you how much of your information is shared with delivery people • TechCrunch

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Uber Eats is introducing a new feature that shows users how much of their personal information is shared with their delivery person when they place an order on the app. The feature, which is called “View as Delivery Person,” is designed to add a level of transparency when ordering food via the app.

The feature will show how much of your information is shared with your courier at every stage of the delivery. For instance, when you request a delivery, the courier will see your approximate delivery location. When the courier accepts the delivery, they will see your first name and last initial, along with your exact delivery location and any customer notes you may have added regarding your order. Once the delivery is complete, the courier will see your delivery location, but not your house number or unit number.

The feature also shows you what information the app deletes after specific orders. If you order alcohol, the delivery person is required to verify your age by scanning your ID, but Uber notes that your ID information is not viewable by the courier after delivery and that the scan of your ID is deleted after 72 hours. In addition, when you choose the “Leave at Door” option, the courier takes a picture of the order at your door to confirm the delivery. Uber notes that the delivery person can’t access the photo after delivery, and that this photo is never stored, and is deleted when the delivery person closes their app.

The new feature also tells you what information of yours Uber never shows your delivery person. For example, your delivery person never gets access to your payment method, phone number, the rating you give them, your profile photo or your last name (unless it’s required for alcohol purchases).

Uber launched a similar feature for its rideshare app in 2020 called “View as Driver.” The new View as Delivery Person feature is now available in Canada and the United States.


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