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Unagi launches the updated Model One Voyager, a subscribable scooter • TechCrunch

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Unagi is perhaps best known for its Model One and its (now cancelled) Model Eleven scooter. Today, the company announced it has a new micromobility transportation tool in the works, the Voyager. It packs significantly more range, power, acceleration and smart mobile app features while keeping the lightweight and portable design of its predecessor. The company is embracing a subscription model to keep prices reasonable.

Model One Voyager differs from its earlier model in a few important ways. The range goes from 12 to 20 miles, while adding less than a pound of weight. The Voyager also adds a bunch of smartphone features via an app, including scooter status, configuration, app-based locking and account management. The Voyager can deliver up to 1,000 watts of peak power and 32 Nm of torque, a quarter more than the old version. The additional power also gives the new scooter a 25% improvement in acceleration and braking power.

The design of the new scooter is almost identical to the old one, and comes in a few new colors: “Deep Cobalt, Cool Mist, Matte Black and Latte” (all images courtesy of Unagi).

Perhaps most interestingly, the scooters will be available on a subscription plan, which includes free maintenance and theft insurance.

The Model One Voyager clocks in at $67/month with $50 one-time set-up fee, and no contract. The old version can be had at $55 per month with the same deal otherwise. People who are on the old subscription plan can upgrade for $50 (which covers shipping the two scooters), and the difference in the subscription cost.

“I’m incredibly proud to share that ‘Unagi All-Access’, our no-contract, monthly subscription service is now with tens of thousands of members nationwide,” the company’s CEO David Hyman told TechCrunch. “With increased prices of ridesharing and gasoline, along with many urbanites coming back to the office, commuters are flocking to our extremely cost and time-efficient option.”


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