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Urgent warning for Gmail and Outlook users – delete dangerous email NOW

GAMERS have been urged to watch out for suspicious support emails after BioShock and Borderlands maker 2K was hacked.

Cyber criminals managed to get into the firm’s support system and send players fake messages containing a malicious link.


2K is famous for games like BorderlandsCredit: 2K

The breach is so bad that 2K has been forced to temporarily shut down its support division.

“Please do not open any emails or click any links that you receive from the 2K Games support account,” the company told users.

“We deeply apologize for any inconvenience and disruption this matter may cause.”

The fraudster pulled it off after they managed to get hold of account credentials for one of 2K’s vendors that helps provide customer support.

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For the moment, it’s not clear how many people have already been affected.

Anyone who has already clicked a link from them have been told to urgently carry out a series of changes.

Firstly, you should reset any user account passwords stored in your web browser.

Switch on multi-factor authentication – a feature that requires more than a password to gain access – across important accounts like your email and banking.

Run your antivirus software to check for anything shady.

And check the account settings in your personal email to see if any forwarding rules have been added or changed.

Latest headache for GTA owner

It’s been a tough week for Take Two, the parent company of 2K.

Rockstar, which is also owned by Take Two, suffered a massive breach of its most prized franchise, GTA.

Almost a hundred revealing videos of the unreleased GTA 6 game were leaked onto the internet over the weekend.

The gaming giant was forced to go on a mass takedown across YouTube and other sites, as the videos spread.

The person who claims to be behind the attack says they have more data and could leak it soon.

They’re boasting to have highly sensitive material including the source code for both GTA 5 and GTA 6, as well as assets and testing build for the new game.

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Though it’s not clear what the alleged perpetrator wants from the firm, they wrote on a forum that they’re “looking to negotiate a deal”.

THE FBI and US Department of Justice are now investigating the incident.

2K warned gamers on Twitter


2K warned gamers on TwitterCredit: 2K

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