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Urgent warning for BILLIONS of WhatsApp users – make sure you are not caught out

WHATSAPP users have been warned they could be blocked from using the messaging app from October.

A new media report has announced WhatsApp will prevent users who carry an older iPhone device from using the platform next month.


WhatsApp will require users to update their phones to access the applicationCredit: Getty

It is said the process has already begun for some users, who have received alerts that ask for their phone to be updated.

A report in Business-standard said: “The devices which are likely to bear the brunt are iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

“Notably, iOS 10 and 11 are not widely used on iPhones. WhatsApp has in the past declared that iOS 12 or a newer software version will be required for iPhone users to continue using the platform on its Help Center website.”

Android users will also need to start a software update, and upgrade to 4.1 or newer operating system, the report claimed.

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To update your iPhone go to the ‘Settings’ app and then press ‘General.’

The next step is to select ‘Software Update’ and your device should then meet the new requirements.

If you use an Android, open ‘Settings’ and select ‘About Phone.’

Then press ‘Check for Updates’ and if an update is available, a button will appear which says ‘Update.’

After selecting ‘Install Now’, ‘Reboot,’ or ‘Install System Software’ you should be good to go.

WhatsApp also changed their messaging system last month to allow users a longer period of time to “unsend” a text.

It was only possible to unsend a message after the first eight minutes, but how much time do you have now?

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