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People are just realising they can use ChatGPT-4 NOW without joining a release date waitlist – here’s how

THE creators of ChatGPT have released a new and more powerful version of their artificial intelligence (AI) bot – but there remains a lengthy waitlist and a fee to access it.

There is, however, a way to get around both and get access today, as long as you have a Windows or Mac computer.


To get access directly to ChatGPT-4, users will need to be a ChatGPT Plus subscriberCredit: Alamy

ChatGPT-3.5 is the popular chatbot by tech firm OpenAI that many have grown fond of in the past few months and can currently access for free online.

The AI chatbot was released to the world in November, and has since garnered a huge amount of attention from the public, government’s and some of the biggest technology companies in the world.

While ‘hallucination’ was an issue for ChatGPT-3.5 – where the bot whips up false stories or rewrites history – OpenAI claims to have fixed this over the past six months.

ChatGPT-4 is far more powerful than its predecessor.

OpenAI said the new and improved version is able to pass the bar exam for prospective lawyers with a score in the top 10% of applicants.

ChatGPT-3.5 previously scored in the bottom 10% of test-takers.

One major difference that tech fans will notice is that users can input images into the fourth version of the chatbot.

Many have already hopped on the waitlist for ChatGPT-4.

To get access directly to ChatGPT-4, users will need to be a ChatGPT Plus subscriber.

ChatGPT plus is OpenAI’s subscription model which offers users access to the AI bot during peak times, faster response times and priority access to new features and improvements for $20 a month.

“By offering this subscription pricing, we will be able to help support free access availability to as many people as possible,” OpenAI said.

But it turns out Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing is already using the new programme.

This forms part of a “long-term partnership” between OpenAI and Microsoft, which is reportedly be worth more than $10billion.

Microsoft has now begun rolling out its Chromium-based Edge web browser, which has its AI-powered Bing in the sidebar.

Users can ask the chatbot questions directly related to the webpage they are currently on or request it perform tasks related to the page. 

For example, web browsers can ask the chatbot for a summary of the page they are viewing.

It means users can surf the web in Microsoft Edge and have easy access to AI-powered Bing – which runs on the ChatGPT-4 software.

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