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Pokémon players receive another powerful raid – a second chance to catch exclusive ‘mons

POKÉMON is releasing another huge update to help fix some of the issues with Scarlet and Violet.

Generation 9 of Pokémon is known to have a huge number of bugs, including game crashes, and loss of data.


The two paradox legendaries are making a comeback.Credit: The Pokémon Company

There have been two large updates so far to fix issues, but there are still plenty of common issues that fans have complained about.

Scarlet and Violet suffer from severe issues with lag that can affect player’s enjoyment.

Raids are one of the most prominent examples, where Pokémon can fail to make moves, or do less damage than expected.

A recent example includes the raids for Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, two new powerful paradox Pokémon added to the game.

Walking Wake is the ancient version of Suicune, while Iron Leaves is the future version of Virizion.

When many players entered the raid they were faced with an egg instead of a Pokémon.

As these Pokémon can only be caught once, those who faced an egg had no chance to capture their own Paradox ‘mons.

The captured eggs will also never hatch, meaning that completing the raid was mostly pointless.

The Pokémon Company has now fixed the egg glitch and are giving players a second chance to catch the two ‘mons.

A new set of raids featuring Walking Wake in Pokémon Scarlet and Iron Leaves in Pokémon Violet will begin soon.

The raids will begin on Monday, May 1, 2023 and will last for two weeks.

This will give players plenty of chances to earn more rewards and catch these exclusive ‘mons.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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