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Instagram Blue Tick : Head ticking for Blue Tick on Instagram? This method will work in no time… | Want to get Blue Tick on Instagram This is the easy way to apply

You may also want to get a blue tick on your Instagram account. But don’t worry if you don’t know the method for that… Through this article we are going to tell you how to get Blue Tick in very simple words.

Often we use Facebook (Facebook ), the blue tick is seen on the accounts of big celebrities on accounts like Instagram. Being Blue Tick means being on social media (Social Media) is considered a status symbol in a way. Everyone expects to get a blue tick on their account as well. But I don’t know what to do about it. Photo and video sharing platform Instagram (Instagram) gives its users an opportunity to verify their account or get a blue tick. This blue tick is called verify badge and this badge helps users to distinguish between fake and real social media accounts. If you also want to verify your Instagram account, this article will provide all the detailed information about it.

Blue tick is not guaranteed

If a user applies for a verified badge on Instagram, it is not guaranteed that he will get a blue tick. The company has laid down some rules for this, only after fulfilling it the blue tick is given. If you violate Instagram’s rules and policies, the company can revoke your Blue Tick at any time.

What are the rules?

One thing to keep in mind here is that once your account is verified, you cannot change your account name. Additionally, you will not be able to transfer the verification to any other account.

Such are the steps

– First of all you need to open your Instagram account.

– After logging into the account, click on your profile picture at the bottom.

– After clicking on the profile photo, click on the horizontal lines shown on the top right.

– After this you have to click on Settings > Account > Request Verifications.

– After this, upload the requested documents for verification by entering your full name and then press the submit button.

Note: You will get information about whether your account is verified or not within 30 days of users submitting a verification request. If your request is rejected you can reapply after next 30 days.

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