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Want to make your name ringtone? Just follow these 6 steps – Want to make your name ringtone Just follow these 6 steps

Now is not the time to set a ringtone. It needs to be something unique. Many people currently keep their name ringtones. If you want to do the same, follow these steps.

Want to hear your name ringtone when someone calls? Then you will play like this

Mumbai: In the era of smartphones, we are experimenting with new things every day. Phones, which were earlier only for communication, have gradually taken the form of smartphones. So everyone is doing some experiment through this medium to influence others. Some make reels, some keep status, some express their feelings by keeping DP. There was a time when attention was attracted by just a ringtone. What’s more, if he liked the ringtone, he would definitely buy it from him. At the same time, if any song trended, that song would be set. Currently, some people hear their name ringing when they call. So we wonder how it will be set.

If you also want to set your name ringtone, today we are going to share a simple method for this. You don’t need to search the net for this. Easily set your name ringtone and listen to the caller. Your desire to impress them will also come true. There are two ways you can easily set ringtones.

Create ringtones through the app

  • Search FDMR- Namer Ringtones Maker App in Play Store.
  • With the help of this app you can create mp3 ringtones
  • After installing open the app.
  • In this app you will also get an audio converter. This app supports all formats.
  • You record the audio with your name. You can also add songs file in it.
  • Once the ringtone appears, save it.

Create a ringtone from a website

  • There are many apps available on the web for creating ringtones. You can go to freedownloadmobileringtones.
  • Here you will see search ringtone option. Search your name there.
  • There will be a ringtone of your name. Listen now and download it.

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