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Warning for millions of Facebook users over ‘free’ Aldi food box offer

FACEBOOK users are being warned over a ‘free’ Aldi food box offer from a page impersonating the supermarket.

The post says the food packages are worth £35 and are free to whoever is first to comment.


A spokesperson for Aldi also said the supermarket was not associated in any way with the postCredit: FACEBOOK

It appears to be playing into concern over food prices amid a cost of living crisis in the UK.

“To start of March we wanted to do something a little special at Aldi as we know times were tough last year so we’re rewarding everyone who comments in the next 12 days with a FREE food box full of essential groceries worth £35,” the Facebook post said.

The post, from a page called ALDI Stores, has garnered more than 300 comments, Full Fact first reported.

Beyond the name, there is nothing to suggest it is Aldi’s official page.

The page is unverified and has just 15,000 followers.

Whereas the supermarket’s real Facebook page is followed by more than 2million people and has a verification sticker.

A spokesperson for Aldi also said the supermarket was not associated with the post. 

It’s not clear what fraudsters were trying to achieve with the fake offer.

However, just weeks ago Full Fact raised the alarm on an Amazon scam doing to rounds on Facebook, which lured in innocent users with a bargain parcel giveaway.

Fraudsters on Facebook were offering pallets of uncollected parcels for just £2, in a bid to “free up” space in Amazon warehouses.

The posts took innocent Facebook users to a fake page that resembled Amazon, where they were then asked to complete a survey for the opportunity to “win” a pallet, rather than purchase one for £2 as the post stated.

The link users were directed to is thought to have been riddled with malware, and leave people’s devices infected.

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