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Werewolf by Night Trailer: Marvel Halloween Special Sets October 7 Release Date

Werewolf by Night just got announced with a trailer at Disney’s D23 Expo. Marvel Studios unveiled the first trailer for the upcoming Disney+ Halloween special, starring Gael García Bernal and Laura Donnelly in the lead. Award-winning composer Michael Giacchino is set to direct the retro horror mystery, serving as a new entrant to Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Development on the special began in August 2021, with Giacchino joining the project in March, earlier this year. Werewolf by Night releases on October 7, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.

The trailer for Werewolf by Night follows an aesthetic reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock films, featuring a noir-ish tone and strong violin notes. The Halloween special will be presented in full monochrome, with an age-old sound design that might often peak during dialogue sequences. A hunt for hunters is kicked off in the Werewolf by Night trailer as Verusa assigns the thrilling game to attendees of a social gathering. “Tonight, it is every hunter for themselves,” she announces. “But, one of you is a monster. Masquerading as one of our own.” She is of course referring to Jack Russell (Bernal), the feral hybrid who transforms into the titular monster as dusk comes in.

In classic Hitchcockian fashion, the Werewolf by Night trailer jump cuts between several action sequences, as the caged-up beast attacks the onlookers, mauling their faces and sucking up every ounce of blood. Interestingly, the werewolf isn’t the only predator here, as the impersonation of Death gradually stalks him, making him pay for the sins he has committed. Prosthetics seem to be handmade as well, which adds to the retro aesthetic.

Unlike other MCU properties, this special seems to be heavy on the gore, with key takeaways being decapitations and loads of blood, albeit in black-and-white format. Another cool thing to notice is the digitally added cigarette burns at the top-right corner, which normally indicates that a film reel is being replaced. Marvel Studios also unveiled an official poster for the same, which you can check out at the bottom of this article.

Werewolf by Night premieres on October 7, exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar. Currently, there is no information on its runtime.

Here’s the official poster for Marvel’s Werewolf by Night:

Werewolf by Night poster starring Gael García Bernal
Photo Credit: Disney+

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