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Millions of WhatsApp users told to check accounts with ‘four tap’ trick now over ‘spying fears’

EVER wondered what data WhatsApp has on you?

There’s actually a special feature within the app that reveals all.


Find out everything WhatsApp knows about youCredit: @chillrogg / TikTok

And it only takes four taps to find out, as TikToker Chillrogg reveals.

However, you’ll have to wait a little for the report to be ready.

“This is how you can see exactly what data WhatsApp has on you,” he explains.

To do it, just open WhatsApp and go to Settings.

From there, select Account and here you’ll find Request Account Info.

Finally, hit Request Report.

As WhatsApp explains here: “Create a report of your WhatsApp account information and settings, which you can access or port to another app.

“This report does not include your messages.”

The report will take about three days to complete.

You’ll get “a few weeks” to download it before the file expires.

WhatsApp will send you a notification when it’s ready, which reads: “Your account info report is now available”.

This will send you to an option to download your report.

It’ll comprise of a ZIP file, which includes HTML and JSON files.

You won’t be able to open these in WhatsApp annoyingly.

It’s probably best to email it to yourself and view the contents on a computer.

Be warned, the request will be cancelled if you make any big changes to your account, such as changing your number – or even deleting your WhatsApp account entirely.

What does the WhatsApp information report reveal?

Your WhatsApp report will include a number of details.

This includes things like the type of device you’re on, current connection IP and even your profile picture.

There’s a list of all the phone numbers you have on WhatsApp as well.

Further down is a lot of technical – and frankly dull – information.

For example, logs of when you accepted Ts and Cs.

Still, this file contains personal information about you.

So be careful about how you send or store it.

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