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Scientists pinpoint when the Sun will explode and kill everyone

SET your calendars, because scientists think they’ve worked out when the Sun will die and take everyone with it.

Of course, we needn’t actually worry, as our burning star is still considered very young, so all is fine for us.


We need not worry for nowCredit: Getty

But in billions of years from now when we’re long forgotten, the human race had better find a new planet to call home.

Experts believe the Sun has about five billion years of life left, BGR reports.

By that point, they predict that the hydrogen core that keeps it going will have reached its end.

This will spell serious trouble for Earth, and every other planet that relies on the great fire ball in our solar system.

When that happens, the sun will basically be like a red planet and will be left unable to create any heat.

Mercury and Venus will be first to meet a grisly end, being swallowed up after the outer layers of the Sun become unstable and expand.

Meanwhile, the Earth will be raging with nasty solar winds.

It’s fair to say, it’s not a pretty picture, but actually it may not be all that relevant to humanity by then anyway.

Space nerds have already predicted that we’ll have other problems on our plate a billion years from now – long before the Sun dies.

Our oceans will be vapourised by the Sun’s energy at that stage, with the brightness of it increased by 10 per cent.

And that’s not forgetting the threat of climate change on top of that.

So while everyone alive right now is safe and will be for many years to come, we’ll need to think about setting up shop on another planet for distant generations at some point, before it’s too late.

Humans will face other problems long before the Sun ends


Humans will face other problems long before the Sun endsCredit: Getty

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