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Smart Watch: Wrist Watch in the round of controversy, but Barack Obama did not leave this brand.. understand the reason..

Smart Watch: Why Barack Obama is using this smart watch now..

Why this watch?

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New Delhi : If one asks former US President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) Which brand of smartwat do you use? So your first answer would be Apple Watch. But this is not a perfect answer. Obama doesn’t use Apple’s smart watch.

So often in Obama’s hands Fitbit Ionic smartwatch of this company (Iconic Smart Watch) has appeared. The same wrist watch was also seen in his hand during the November 8 mid-term election campaign rally.

Now some surprising claims are being made behind this. The biggest claim is Obama himself Fitbit are the owners of the company. This smart watch color LCD Comes with touchscreen. It has three hardware buttons and interchangeable bands.

Fitbit After constant complaints by the company Iconik The smartwatches were recalled in March this year. The company took this step due to an increase in incidents of battery overheating and hand burns.

According to data from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, wristbands have caused 115 burns in the US alone and 59 worldwide. Around 118 people have been seriously injured due to this smart watch.

Fitbit The company has sold over 1 million smartwatches in the US alone. Additionally, 6,93,00 smartwatches of this company have been sold internationally. Fitbit Company claims that customer safety is its top priority.

of Fitbit Iconic Smart Watch The price is Rs 21,199. This watch comes with various features like waterproof, fitness tracking. The display size of this watch is 1.4 inches. Battery life is 4 days after charging.

The resolution of this watch is 348 X 250 pixels. Fitbit smartwatch supports Android v4.4, iOS operating system. This smartwatch is available in Blue Grey, Slate Blue and Charcoal colors.

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