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Can Apple’s device crash a plane? Know the reason behind the ban – why apple airtags are banned in some flights

Widely used AirTags were considered a very important device. However, there has been a stir as it has been claimed that this device can directly crash the plane itself.

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New Delhi : Apple is known for its expensive phones and other devices around the world. Although all the products of Apple are expensive, it does not affect the purchase of this company. There are iPhones, laptops worth lakhs of rupees, yet customers fulfill their desires by buying without compromise. Apart from this, Apple also manufactures Airtags. Its price is also 3500 rupees. Which is used to carry luggage while traveling by air. Pets and other things can also be carried through it. But this same airtag can pose a threat. Even an airplane can crash. And this is said by the airline itself. Therefore, air travelers who use passenger airtags are banned from using it. Therefore, airtags related to aviation services have started to be discussed strongly.

Airtag has been banned by the airline, which provides air travel services. Airtags can pose a risk and cannot be carried during travel.

Many passengers traveling on airline flights are being advised that airtags found during inspection are prohibited from being carried during the journey.

The Apple Air Tag can affect aircraft signals and navigation systems, potentially disrupting signals during take-off and landing, potentially leading to plane crashes.

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So far only a few companies have taken this decision. It includes an airline that provides flight services. Therefore, the banning of airtags made by companies like Apple during air travel has started a strong discussion.

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