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Why is Facebook making sounds when scrolling?

FACEBOOK users have been complaining about a “glitch” that creates an chirping noise in the app.

People say the mysterious sound is “annoying as hell” and “driving me crazy”.


Fortunately there’s a trick to turn the sound offCredit: Getty

The short sharp chirp seems to play out whenever you scroll through the Facebook app.

It’s not clear whether the noise is intentional or a faulty, but many users believe it’s a glitch.

“I tried deleting the app, logging out, turning my phone off. Nothing worked,” one frustrated person wrote.

“It makes the noise as if I’m posting something, but I’m not. It’s annoying as hell,” another complained via Reddit.

“Yeah and it’s so damn annoying, have to put the phone on silent,” a third fumed.

“This has been driving me crazy as well,” a fourth user said.

Fortunately one genius member has revealed an easy trick to fix the issue.

However, some Facebook fans say it doesn’t work for them and switches back next time they load the app.

As some appear to have had success, it may still be worth trying.

If you’re unsure what the noise sounds like, play the video below.

Facebook users fume over ‘annoying’ chirping sound

How to stop Facebook chirping noise

You can disable the chirping sound on Facebook by following these five simple steps:

  • Open the Facebook app and tap the Menu button in the bottom right
  • Scroll down and select Settings & Privacy
  • Then tap Settings
  • Scroll down to Media
  • Turn the In-app sound toggle off

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