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Knowledge News: Do you know why there are two Shift buttons in the keyboard? Know – Why There is two key of Shift in keyboard know reason behind it

How the fingers of those who tap on the keyboard move every day. When you look at the other person, you feel surprised. But this keyboard is designed that way. Know the reason behind this

What is the reason for having Shift in the keyboard? Understand if you don’t know

Mumbai : If you are a laptop or desktop user, take a look at the keyboard. As you probably know, keyboards have two shift buttons. Seeing as they are all the same, then what is the use of two shift buttons? There is no such question. You should be using both shift buttons while typing. This shift key is used for small letter or big letter type. Shift button is also important in Marathi or other language typing. So why two shifts? Let’s find out the answer to this.

The keyboard is the most important input device. We can add text and numeric data with the help of keyboard. On the other hand, there are two shift buttons on the keyboard so users can comfortably use all the keys with shift. Because we use the fingers of both hands to type.

A left-side shift is used when using a right-side key. While the keys on the left side are used, the keys on the right side are used. The keyboard is designed in such a way that there is no problem while typing. So using the keyboard is easy.

A keyboard shortcut requires the Shift key. For example, we can use the Shift+Home shortcut key to highlight text. You can also use the shift keys to bypass the recycle bin. Also to select more than one file can be selected by pressing shift.

Why is the keyboard in QWERTY format?

Another thing you may have noticed while typing is that the letters on the keyboard do not line up. That is, ABCDE is not in such a row. The reverse is in QWERTY format.

The first keyboard was in the format ABCD. But that speed was not coming while typing. So some people experimented to get typing speed. After that, the QWERTY keyboard pattern was created. This also increased the typing speed.

Why is there a horizontal line under the F and J buttons?

The middle line on the keyboard is called the home row line. Learning typing is always started from this line. The letters A,S,D,F,G,H,J,K and L are in this line. But there is a line under the F and J buttons. Because it knows which button your hand is on while typing. So, while practicing, we realize this and without looking, typing speed increases.

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