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Do you also have the habit of sleeping with your mobile phone under your pillow? Be careful! | Why you should not keep mobile under pillow while sleeping at night

The habit of keeping mobile phone under the pillow while sleeping is not only dangerous but it can also disturb your sleep. Let’s know the harm caused by sleeping with the phone under the pillow.

Do not put the phone under the pillow while sleeping

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Mumbai: Many people wake up in the morning with mobile phones (Mobile) is used to seeing. Many people check their mobile phones even before going to bed at night. However, some people sleep with their mobile phone next to them or under their pillow at night.while sleeping). Most of the people keep their mobile phone under their pillow so that they can pick it up immediately when it rings. But do you know how harmful this habit is? Keep mobile phone under pillow while sleeping (side-effects of mobile) habit is not only dangerous but it can also disrupt your sleep. Let’s know the harm caused by sleeping with the phone under the pillow.

Don’t put your phone under your pillow while sleeping – There are many disadvantages of sleeping with a mobile phone under your pillow. The World Health Organization has also done many types of research in this regard. According to a 2011 study, sleeping with a cell phone under the pillow carries radio frequencies with us, which can disrupt sleep. It is more harmful to children than adults.

Damage due to Blue Light – When we keep the mobile under the pillow and sleep, its blue light causes trouble. When the phone vibrates or its ringtone rings, we see it immediately. In such a situation, seeing the mobile in the dark again and again damages your eyes.

Risk of fire – The biggest risk of sleeping with a phone under the pillow is that if the mobile phone heats up and is placed under the pillow, it can catch fire. Many people sleep with their phone charging, which can be very dangerous.

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Disrupts sleep – Research shows that ringing (at night) phones can not only disrupt a day’s sleep, but also disrupt your sleep patterns. Sleeping with a cell phone under a pillow keeps the radio frequency with you, which can disrupt sleep. This can make you feel tired even after sleeping.

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