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Xbox fans are wasting HUNDREDS compared to PlayStation players — here’s how to save money

NEW energy figures are seeing prices in the UK skyrocket, but PlayStation players have a huge advantage over Xbox owners.

When in standby mode Sony’s latest console, the PlayStation 5, costs around £4 a year, even with the latest predicted price hikes.


Xbox Series X early adopters are spending the most on Standby mode.Credit: Reuters

The same cannot be said for Xbox users, as these consoles left on standby could cost players up to £132 a year due to their higher energy consumption.

This pricing hits Xbox Series X users the hardest, as this is the company’s premium console that uses more energy.

However, Xbox Series S users could save money too by changing the settings on their consoles.

Those who purchased their consoles before May 2022, will be the hardest hit, as Microsoft has since pushed out an energy-saving mode for the consoles.

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This higher price affects over 1.15million people who got their Xbox console before this date.

Even if you bought the Xbox Series X before this date, don’t worry, there is still a way to change your energy consumption settings.

Boot up your console and go to ‘Settings’. Under ‘General settings’ you should see an option for ‘Sleep mode & start-up’.

If you go here you will see a drop box under ‘Sleep mode’ with two options; ‘Standby’ or ‘Energy Saver’.

By changing the option to ‘Energy Saver’ you could save up to £55 a year.

If you purchased your console after May, then this should be the default option.

When you shut down your Xbox console it always enters one of these modes to allow for its ‘Instant on’ mode.

This allows players to pick up a game exactly where they left off, even if they have shut down the console.

If you don’t mind waiting to launch a game, and the extra time it takes to load your save file, then you can save an extra £59 by turning the console off at the mains.

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These tips can help any Xbox player no matter where you are located, but are strongly recommended for those in the UK who are faced with the energy crisis.

Savings can be made in every country by changing to ‘Energy Saver’ mode, though it is likely less than UK estimates.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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