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Best Ad Network for App Monetization

Hello Guys, I’m back with New Post. So many of my friends and even my brother asked for the best monetizing Mobile Ad networks for Android Apps. I researched and I got to a conclusion. So If want to know the Best Ad Network for App Monetization, here is the answer.

Guys I’m working on Android Apps for the last three years and I Used Google Admob, Facebook Audience Network, StartApp,, and Some small networks at my early stage of App development.

What I Experienced?

Before Getting Paid I Experienced a lot of Issues. The First Issue I Experienced is Development Issues. At the Starting stages of my development days, I faced a lot of issues in developing apps. I got Crazy Ideas for developing Apps. But when I look into the Coding Part I got Confused and don’t even understand what a click event is. So First I practiced a lot and Developed my First App with Admob Ads and it took me one month time. But the Happiest thing is I got my First Payment very Fast after publishing it in the play store. Later after the second payment that app got Suspended due to Policy Violations.

Then I developed another app with Admob and I got Paid in Small amounts. So Now I switched to StartApp ads. I have Seen Easy earnings in StartApp Ads but the earnings are very low.

Audience Network

So Now I Switched to Facebook Audience Network for my Android App Monetization. First I got Confused about Integrating Ads into my App. So again I started to learn. Then I integrated Facebook Audience Network Ads into my Apps.

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My Apps have mostly Indian Users so ECpm is very Low. I developed an app with Ads between these times, but I haven’t seen any development. So I continued Developing Apps with Facebook Adience Network Ads. Later I got paid and also I published more Apps with Audience Network Ads. But I have never seen good payment. Till now My First Payment is the best.

At the beginning of this Year 2021, I again started working with Admob. I Published a game on January 1st. I got Paid in March. See How fast you grow if the Ad Network is Admob.

But there are so Many Hurdles you have to pass to Use Admob.

  1. You have to Verify your Account.
  2. After Reaching some Threshold Amounts you have to Verify your Address and Identity.
  3. The Most Important is to Follow Admob Policies.
  4. Don’t See or Click your Own Ads. It is Considered Invalid Traffic.
  5. Then You’ll get paid after reaching US$100.

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Finally, I say that Admob is the Best Ad Network for App Monetization. If you want to get Paid Every month I suggest using Admob Only. I even Suggest Audience Network but If you want more Revenue Your App should Contain more Users.


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