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PS5 Grey Camouflage Collection Announced, Launching October 14, India Pre-Orders Start September 15

PS5 is getting a Grey Camouflage Collection of accessories. Sony has revealed its new lineup of custom faceplates, a military-inspired DualSense controller, and a Pulse 3D wireless headset for the PlayStation 5. The variant adds to the galaxy-inspired colourway options that were launched earlier this year, which did not have a headset to go along with. Pre-orders for the PS5 Grey Camouflage Collection go live on September 15 in India and around the world, with the global launch for the controller and faceplates set for October 14. The camo-variant of the PS5 wireless headset will go on sale, later in December.

Sony has assured that the Grey Camouflage faceplates will be available for both PS5 variants — the Digital Edition and the beefier one that comes equipped with a Blu-ray disc drive. The PlayStation design team has “reimagined” the basic camouflage pattern to reflect a fresher feel, featuring tiny ridges in the shapes of PlayStation icons, serving as an added grip for long gaming sessions. The custom faceplates function similar to past covers, which can easily be replaced and clicked into place.

For those living in the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, the PS5 Grey Camouflage Collection will be available via early access to PlayStation Direct members/ customers. This is of course, before the October 14 launch date, which sees the collection go for sale publicly on the website. Sony also has plans to distribute the custom PS5 accessories through participating retailers, starting October 28. That said, the online storefront does not feature an India-based store, urging interested buyers to go looking at local digital stores such as

While the website has not been updated with details on the upcoming PS5 Grey Camouflage Collection, those looking for a change of theme can opt for the comic-inspired colour options Sony announced last year. The Sony Center website currently lists the new Ice Blue, Cosmic Red, Purple, and Pink variants of the PS5 DualSense controller — available at Rs. 5,990 in limited stock.

PS5 faceplates/ covers were exclusive to Amazon India at launch, so it’ll be interesting to see whether Sony changes tack with the Grey Camouflage Collection.

Sony has not revealed any prices for the PS5 Grey Camouflage Collection, though past instances show that custom controllers cost just Rs. 400 over the standard DualSense gamepads. Sony’s PS5 faceplates cost Rs. 4,690 in India. Further information on the same will be revealed, as we steer closer to the October 14 launch date.

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