Very Useful Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts


Hello, guys here we are going to make some knowledge of some Very Useful Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts. Some people don’t know about these shortcuts and how they work. Actually there are many shortcuts but there are some most useful keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10 for your daily use.

So many people confuse these shortcuts and even forgot them (I did when I’m new to computers). These shortcuts can make your work ten times easy than now. Yes, these shortcuts can help you saving minutes of work for you.

There are works like you have to create different folders for different types of works or files in your daily work. we create new folder by right clicking our mouse and clicking on New and then we click on Folder. Sothis how we create a new folder normally. If you want to create folder without right clock on mouse then there is a shortcut that can create new folder in just a second. So without Getting Late Let’s get Started.

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Windows Shortcuts:

Windows ShortcutWhat they Do
ctrl+CCopy the Selected files or Text or anything else
ctrl+XCut or move the Selected Files or Text or anything else
ctrl+VPaste the Copied files or Text wherever you want
ctrl+ZUndo the Work you did like copying, deleting, moving and many
ctrl+ASelect all the files in a folder or select all the text at once.
ctrl+DDelete the files you selected
ctrl+SSaves your Work
ctrl+WCloses an Application (Only works for some)
Ctrl + EscOpen Start
Ctrl + RRefresh the active window.
Ctrl + YRedo an action.
Ctrl + Right arrowMove the cursor to the beginning of the next word.
Ctrl + Left arrowMove the cursor to the beginning of the previous word.
Ctrl + Down arrowMove the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph
Ctrl + Up arrowMove the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph.
Ctrl + Alt + TabUse the arrow keys to switch between all open apps.
Ctrl + arrow keysResize the Start menu when it’s open.
Alt + Shift + arrow keysWhen a group or tile is in focus on the Start menu, move it in the direction specified.
Ctrl + Shift + EscOpen Task Manager.
Ctrl + ShiftSwitch the keyboard layout when multiple keyboard layouts are available.
Ctrl + SpacebarTurn the Chinese input method editor (IME) on or off.
Shift + DeleteDelete the selected item without moving it to the Recycle Bin first.
Ctrl + Shift + NCreate a New Folder.
fn + F2Rename the selected single file or multiple files.
Alt + F4Closes the active window and if no active window then Shutdown options will open.
Shift + Any AlphabetCapitalize the clicked Alphabet.


Thereare many shortcuts in windows. Above given are important shortcuts and are very useful.

If you want to know more about these windows shortcuts you can visit the Official Microsoft website and there is every shortcut for windows 10.


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