Download Instagram Posts Using instaloader in Python

Download Instagram Posts Using instaloader in Python

Hello People, I hope You are all safe in this pandemic Situation. We can do more Using Python, like downloading Instagram Posts downloading Instagram Post of a Specific Hashtag, Downloading Profile Picture, and even we can Post on Instagram Using Python. In this topic, we are going to discuss how to Download Instagram Posts Using instaloader in Python. That sounds cool, right? We can Download all Instagram Posts of any Profile.

What is Instaloader?

Todo So we have to install a module called instaloader. Using instaloader we can downloads public and private profiles, hashtags, user stories, feeds and saved media, comments, geotags and captions of each post, automatically detects profile name changes and renames the target directory accordingly, allows fine-grained customization of filters and where to store downloaded media, automatically resumes previously-interrupted download iterations. Instaloader is an open-source.

Let’s See How it Works.

Open Command Prompt and Paste the below code and hit Enter. It will start downloading Instaloader module.

//Copy below line to Install instaloader module

pip install instaloader
install instaloader
install instaloader

After installing instaloader you can use it to downloading instagram posts, instagram profile piucs and more feature mentioed above.

Now Let’s see how to Download all Instagram posts of a profile without even a single line of code. In this example, I’m using google’s Instagram profile to show you.

Open Command Prompt and Enter instloader google . It Starts Downloading Google’s Instagram Posts into your laptop.

downloading google's instagram posts
downloading google’s instagram posts

If you want to Interrupt this Downloading process press Ctrl+C, It stops downloading. You will notice a new folder with the name google. In that folder, you’ll find downloaded Posts.

Every time you download a profile’s posts, the instaloader will create a folder with the profile name you are trying to download and all posts are downloaded to that folder.

This looks cool, Right? We downloaded all Posts of an Instagram Profile without even writing a single line of code.

Try this, It will definately Useful.

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Happy Coding:)


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