Download Instagram Profile Picture Using Python

Download Instagram Profile Picture Using Python

Hello People, I hope You are all safe in this pandemic Situation. We can do more Using Python, like downloading Instagram Posts downloading Instagram Post of a Specific Hashtag, Downloading Profile Picture, and even we can Post. Today Our Topic is to Download Instagram Profile Picture Using Python.

Download Instagram Profile Picture Using Python

Today we are going to Implement Instagram Profile Picture Downloader Using Python. To implement insta profile pic downloader we need instaloader a module. So We install instaloader the module using below line.

//Install instaloader module using this line

pip install instaloader

Open Command Promt and paste the above line and hit Enter. It starts downloading instaloader module. Now I’m going to implement insta profile pic Downloader.

Open Python IDE or any other IDE you Use for Python Development. And Use the below Code

import instaloader

loadinsta = instaloader.Instaloader()

profilepic = input("Enter Instagram Username: ")

loadinsta.download_profile(profilepic, profile_pic_only = True)

Now Save and Run the Script. It will ask for Instagram Username. Enter the Username that you want to download profile picture and hit Enter.

Remember that Profile Pic will be saved Where your Python Script is Saved.

Amazing right! We Download Instagram Profile Picture with just 4 lines of Code.

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Happy Coding 🙂


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